Point Man for December 2: Fr. Noah Bushelli

Fr. Noah Bushelli is leading the charge for The King’s Jubilee on December 2.

To let him know how you can help, contact him at the church office: 215-721-4947  or  nbushelli@gmail.com

EXCEPT – during Thanksgiving week (Sun pm – Fri pm):   267-218-3751

Soup is covered, but still needed are:

  • a gross of hard-boiled eggs
  • a large kettle of pasta with tomato and meat sauce (We have pasta and tomato sauce)
  • 8 gallons of drink, either iced tea or hot chocolate (or some of each)
  • at least 300 hot/cold paper cups (We do not use styrofoam. We are just blocks from a river that leads directly to the ocean)
  • a large bottle of Franks’ Red Hot sauce
  • fruit, anything but apples. People don’t have good teeth. We can generally only give away one bag of apples.
  • 100s of sandwiches. These should be made the way you like them (only no mayonaisse or eggs) and packed in sandwich baggies, then stacked back into the bread loaf bags. Please write with heavy marker on the bag what kind of sandwiches they are.
  • Pastries or some kind of goodies
  • ladle
  • forks, spoons, napkins

Update on Cranford Joseph

Cranford has moved back out of ICU to a regular room.  The infection that put him in the hospital in the first place is on the run.  It appears the doctors have found an antibiotic or combination that is working on the infection without causing other problems.

The allergic reaction that sent him to the hospital on Sunday is still causing him discomfort, but is better today than yesterday.  (It’s like a bad sunburn on every inch of his body.)

Your prayers for his continued recovery are appreciated.  Cranford sends his thanks and appreciation for your prayers, and is grateful to see that things are still moving forward with The King’s Jubilee.