Carousel Armored Horse Rock

This is the first actual carousel horse I have painted. All of these carousel animals on this site, and the many more that are to come, are for the 2018 Perkasie Fun-A-Day. This piece is not for sale. It is a promotional piece for the Fun-A-Day gathering on February 3, 2018. I will be placing it somewhere in Perkasie. It has an instruction label decoupaged to its back. If you find it, follow the instructions to receive a free coffee or tea and a chance at a free piece of art from the Fun-A-Day.

You see, Perkasie Rocks is one of the sponsors of Perkasie Fun-A-Day, so this it is only reasonable that I would paint one of my carousel animals on a rock. The rock is kind of hard to miss. It is roughly 6″ x 10″ and has silver glitter on it.

Have fun! And rock on!