Ethiopian Cross

I originally made this cross as a temporary grave marker for an Ethiopian young man who passed away about 8 years ago. Once the family placed a stone marker, I repainted it with colors to go with our barn on Front St. and mounted it on the front of it. This third time I painted it returned the colors closer to the original, African, palette. The wood for the cross was one of several 2′ plywood squares that the former owner at Front St. had placed to cover holes in the 2nd floor of the barn. The five red and green flowers represent the wounds of Christ at his head, his hands, his feet and his side. They are portrayed as blossoms to indicate that they were life-giving. There are seven marks between the center to each of the arms of the cross. These are for the “7 Words on the Cross”, the “7 I Ams”, the “7 Witnesses, and the “7 Signs”. The blue is for the Virgin Mary and his humanity. The red is to indicate glory or heaven. I took the pattern for this from a small, carved, wooden, handheld, blessing cross that an Ethiopian family had given the Fr. Boniface.

I can make one for your barn or house in a palette that will complement your siding and trim or as seen here to mount on the wall or to mount on a steel fence stake.

Price: $200 plus postage

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