Hope #16 Bridges Rather Than Walls

This is a simple painting of a bridge across a stream. We can take bridges for granted in a country as developed as the US, until they start to fall apart. A few years ago, a bridge across the Mississippi River in Minneapolis / St. Paul, which I had crossed countless times as a child and young adult, collapsed in the middle of rush hour. We use bridges here in Bucks Co., PA that are hundreds of years old. A couple of years ago several of them were closed for repairs. It was an inconvenience and messed up traffic. All of a sudden people who were 2 minutes down the road were now 45 minutes apart, what, with all the detours. My point is that bridges bring people together.

Walls have the opposite effect. The Great Wall and the Berlin Wall were both grand failures. International borders are soft walls even without the physical walls. They create artificial barriers that divide people and limit freedom. Their use to limit the movement of people by use of passports, visas, etc., is an invention of modern nation states. To build a wall to make that control absolute is totalitarianism. To do so in a nation whose infrastructure is crumbling such as ours is, is not just ironic, it is criminal!

Mexicans have been emigrating from the US at a rate higher than the rate they have been immigrating to the US for, at least, the last 12 years. If the wall gets built, it will be to keep Americans in.

Painting is acrylic on 8″ x 8″ stretched canvas.

Price: $60 including postage to US address.

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