Perkasie Rocks

This is a fun project that anyone can do to spread art throughout our community. You find or purchase smooth, river rocks, seal them and paint them, varnish them, photograph them, then place them where they can be found in areas where you travel. You post pictures of them on the Facebook group: Perkasie Rocks. The whole explanation of how it works is there. I will be adding a page here, as well, to post the pictures of the rocks that Bethann and I and our granddaughters paint, along with any reported sightings. I am painting this website address on the rocks I am painting to help those who are not on Facebook. We started on Delaware Valley Rocks, but that has over 8,000 members and is centered in Havertown. It is a wonderful group, but is so large that it is hard to navigate. We decided to start something closer to home.

It is a great artistic outlet for the girls. We can hardly afford to keep them in canvasses. This will keep their creative juices flowing. They will have fun placing the rocks as they go on their errands and walks, and then seeing who discovers them.

If you see one of our rocks, you may either post to the Facebook site or email me at to let me know where and when. Please attach a photo. Thanks!