Phase Two of the Revolution: SNUGGLE!

Cuddling was phase one. I realize we need to work on that. Some may be asking what the difference is between cuddling and snuggling. C’mon, comrades! Are we serious about making progress and spreading love and joy? Well, then, the difference should be obvious. Snuggling involves more motion. It can be done in larger groups. Think mosh pits, only embracing. Now put that on the road to Mar-a-Lago to block one of the so-called president’s golf vacations he said he was never going to take. The international press would have fun with that, so would all of us snugglers.

“Make New Friends, Not New Refugees!”

This just came out from my fellow Minneapolitan. It expresses the sentiment of the movement:

The original is for sale now, but within a week, hopefully, I will have posters, postcards and lawn signs.

Painting is 16″ x 20″ acrylic on stretched canvas.

Price: $300 plus postage

Fill out the form below so we can arrange payment and delivery. I take PayPal, so all credit or debit cards are accepted.

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