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My First One Man Show!

Saturday, Anthony & I went to Teich & McColgan to pick up some rockcap ferns for around my back porch post. We still had a couple of my large, custom framed art pieces and my framed proofs in the car from the errands just prior to going there. We had gone to an art consignment shop and a coffee shop (which had just closed) looking for places to try to sell pieces of my Lily Gilding collection. We pulled into the long drive at Teich’s at 4:30 to discover that they also closed at 4. Robyn & Roland & Paul were still there cleaning up from the end of the day. I got the large “Tribal Dance” with the unique frame I had designed & stained out of the car and pointed it toward them. Immediately Roland’s eyes lit up! We drew closer. Anthony got out more prints. Roland & Robyn asked me where I was selling them. I said I was just starting. They started brainstorming and making suggestions. Then Roland asked if I could leave them there. Then they came up with the idea of having me have a show there on their last weekend of the season, which is their biggest weekend of the year. They are setting up a tent and a table for me, and sending out emails to all their customers.

TMThis is a great place! It is one of my favorite places on earth. It is a peaceful place. When I was having my summer of migraines and strokes, sometimes I would just have someone bring me there just to walk around or sit and be at peace. The Teich’s didn’t mind. Again, when we were going through the battle with Mayor Nutter and the city, it was a good place to go to meditate and pray.  It’s not just the hundreds of kinds of daylilies and hostas, etc. This garden is in the yard of a home of a peaceful and happy family.

I am so excited to have this show. It is so appropriate to have it there, since most of our daylilies came from there. One of the daylilies featured in my art was even bred there by  Roland Teich.

The show will take place on August 2 and 3 from 10am to 4pm both days at 903 Upper Stump Road, Chalfont, PA 18914. Bring your checkbook or know your Paypal, since we do not have credit card processing. Framed prints and custom framed, extremely limited edition canvas prints, will be available for suggested minimum donations form $100 thru $1,000 to benefit the ongoing work of The King’s Jubilee. All works will be signed and numbered by me.

Come join us! It will be a good time. There’s even a turtle pond for the little ones to enjoy.


Lost at Sea

The newest addition to our Lily Gilding series of limited edition art pieces is “Lost at Sea”. It is a bit of a metaphor for my headspace of late. My eyes were crying profusely, as they have been for most of the last few months, day and night. I don’t know if it is because of the pain in my spine or the pain in my psyche due to PTSD, or grieving spiritually for the impoverished state of the fragmented church, or the wars and rumors of wars all over the world; or all of the above; or simply a tear duct disorder. At any rate, it leads to contemplation and it can bring me down. I decided to take a step back and paint with flowers. This is where the bright daylily above led me.


It is a Strawberry Candy daylily bloom as if it had been coated in plastic and caught with a movie camera’s glare, and is in turn, peeking out of an old yacht porthole that is floating in space.

I have not determined yet what form the art pieces will take that will incorporate this print. As soon as I do, this article will reflect that change. I am open to suggestions. Peace.


I paint with flowers.

I am back at it with the next in our Lily Gilding series. I don’t paint daylilies. I paint with them. This is a photograph of a Backdraft Daylily, from last summer, right next to our front step, sort of. I modified it using several filters and adjustments, then cropped it just right. I call it Phoenix as it shows the persistence of new life and hope, even in the midst of entropy and crumbling bricks.

When you buy one of these limited edition prints or Zazzle products, know that this is exactly what you are promoting and enabling through the proceeds at The King’s Jubilee. Each time you look at it, be emboldened to hope and to pray for positive change that we may rise from the ashes of our fallenness to see in each and every man, woman and child, a sister or a brother, worthy of dignity, respect, and care.


This is a copyrighted piece of original art. It is not to be printed without express permission of the artist. It may only be shared in the complete context of this article, please!  It is quite striking at full size, 12″ x 12″. This is a very limited edition of ten numbered, signed pieces. Please inquire at tkj@shoutforjoy.net for prices and details.

Cranford Joseph Coulter


Prayer for the Green Things

greenthingsSince it is spring, we are working in our gardens. We have high hopes for our plants. It only seems right that we should pray for them. Our friend and brother, Gregory Leslie Swift composed this poem as a garden prayer. It evokes the Breastplate of St. Patrick in its composition and beauty. I placed it next to an unedited photo of a row of daylilies by our driveway at The King’s Jubilee. We are offering 8″ x 10″ prints on cardstock, suitable for framing for a $25 donation plus $10 Priority Mail postage. The copyright belongs to Leslie K. Swift (Christian name, Gregory).

Prayer for the Green Things

The upholding of the Three beneath you,
the enfolding of the Three around you,
the smiling of the Three upon you.

Mild sun to warm and light you,
gentle rain to ease your thirst.
No pest nor blight to do you harm,
no pest nor blight to hurt you.

The hand of God to keep you,
the hand of the tender to tend and rule,
the heart of the tender to bow and tend,
the hope of the tender to wait and tend,
the Son of God to tend and rule.

©  – LKS -

Parfait Mirror

parfaitThis is from our Lily Gilding collection. Some daylilies contain parfait in their name: “Peach Parfait”, “Strawberry Parfait”, “Rainbow Parfait”, etc. That inspired this. I took a photo of a non-parfait daylily, made a copy and solarized it to get that elusive blue daylily and drew a parfait glass.
Just a little touch of summer whimsy on a blustery, cold day.

This will be printed, centered on a mirror, then framed in rich cherry wood with gilded accents. The overall dimensions will be 14″ x 24″. It will look just splendiferous next to your soda fountain!

I am not sure of the cost just yet. Make the donation high enough and it won’t be an issue. The image looks good hung vertically or sideways. The artwork will also be available shortly on items from our Zazzle store.

Thank you for your support.

“Cycle of Life”


This is another in our “Lily Gilding” series. It is a photograph that I filtered with some effects, of a daylily next to our driveway. Daylilies are amazing and demonstrate God’s care for us. Each blossom is here for only one day and is gone. In this photo, we see two of today’s blooms, three of yesterday’s blooms, two of tomorrow’s blooms (on the right, showing a bit of color), several blooms for later in the week, and a couple of empty stems from earlier in the week.
“Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed as one of these!”

This is for sale in limited edition 10″ x 8″ frameable prints for donations of $50 plus postage. The edition is limited to 50 prints. Each print will be numbered and signed.

The artwork will be made available at a later date on selected merchandise from our Zazzle store.

Autumn 2012 Report

The new newsletter is available for download, printing and distribution. Please feel free to download and print this. It is in PDF format. It is designed to be printed back to back (duplex) on 8.5″ x 11″ paper then folded in half, so it can fit neatly in a church bulletin.

After over 23 years of serving on the street, we feel we are the cusp of something truly momentous. That is why Satan is attacking so hard. We need your support.

Here it is: Autumn 2012 Report

Tuesday, June 29, Serving on the Street

Spiderman Daylily
Spiderman Daylily

Please note that the 29th is the last Tuesday of the month, so we will be serving on the street that night. If you can make sandwiches or bring fruit, that would be great! If you want to ride down there with me to help serve, give me a call.

This does not take the place of Thursday night. It is in addition to it. We are hoping to expand our ministry to both Tuesdays and Thursdays. We are hopeful that this is possible, since we have seen such a marked increase in volunteer participation and food donations. We can use more financial support for supplies, for Delaware ministry startup, for direct aid, etc.

Consider Today’s Lily

Daylilies are amazing. They put forth a beautiful bloom and it is gone in a day, only to be replaced the next day with another glorious bloom. Jesus told us to consider the lilies of the field in order to encourage us to have faith in God’s provision for us. This in turn is to encourage us to share what God blessed us with today with others, knowing that God will have new blessings for us tomorrow.

If you have a sunny spot in your yard, you should plant a daylily or two. This will remind you to thank God for his care for you. It can also remind you to pray for the poor and for The King’s Jubilee.

Last year we had a daylily sale and several people told us they only have shade. So this year we are also offering shade loving hostas. These are also carefree multipliers. Another advantage to daylilies and hostas is that you can use them to reduce the area that you regularly mow.

These daylilies and hostas are grown in Hilltown on a family estate. Teich & McColgan are registered breeders and growers of hostas and daylilies, so these aren’t your Home Depot varieties. We are selling the odds and ends of the varieties they sold last year. They clear out the beds to make room for different varieties each year. So please give our homeless daylilies and hostas a home and suppoort The King’s Jubilee at the same time.

Our wholesale price went down, so the retail price is lower this year: $10 each (tax included). I am selling some directly, others will be ordered and delivered in a week or so. If you can help us sell these at your parish or your place of work, let me know.