These are Oreo and Skittles sitting on the window sill looking out for birds and rabbits, bees and butterflies. They may also notice some of the human activity on our corner. I call the piece Weltanschauung because it is my view of the world. We rent a 500 square foot house. The house we owned was foreclosed on and auctioned after I had several hospitalizations and my business failed, and Social Security (falsely so called) took three years to get me disability, and then did not pay my retroactive back pay for another two years, until after I finally happened upon a sympathetic Social Security employee who risked her job to fix the problem for me. While that was happening, I found out that the illness I had before had damaged my aortic valve. So I had it replaced with a pig valve last June. I had three rounds of infection in my chest incision after that. The week we moved into this tiny house, last September, I was weak with pain and had to spend time chasing down a rare antibiotic that is now the ninth on the list of those I am allergic to.

Of course, Weltanschauung means far more than just one’s view of the world out of a window. Surely you can see how the experience of the last several years has shaped and reformed my worldview. While this may look like an idyllic picture of country life, it is actually facing a very busy street in the middle of town.

The painting is acrylic on 12″ x 12″ stretched canvas.

Price: $150 including postage to US address.

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